The Elko Television District is pleased to announce that that we are re-broadcasting KSL from Salt Lake City as the local NBC affiliate. This will allow TV District customers to view the Superbowl and Olympics. KSL will replace KENV as the NBC affiliate in the Elko TV viewing area. We want to let our viewers know that KSL is operating on MST, so most programming will be at least one hour earlier. Please check with our TV Guide for up to date information on programming. As the partnership with KSL expands, we hope to be able to bring in a broadcast feed that matches the Nevada (PST) time zone. We will announce any updates or changes in the future.

What do these changes mean to our local viewers. You will see when you scan for channels that KSL comes up as channel 5.1. It is the same digital channel as PBS from Reno. Most TV sets will simply add this additional channel. In some circumstances, your TV will only scan one digital channel. In these instances, check to see if the channel came across as the licensed RF channel. That is channel 12 off Lamoille, Channel 33 off Grindstone, Channel 24 off Peavey or Channel 12 in Ryndon.

If you still do not see KSL, please check you TV menu and verify that a setting is not enabled that only selects one digital channel. If you continue to have problems, please call the TV District number at 778-0561 and speak to a technician. They will attempt to walk you through procedures to solve the problem. We want our viewers to have NBC back in the lineup and we have worked diligently to see this through to completion. Over the next several months, improvements are being made to the TV District infrastructure that will only enhance the signal quality and reliability.