TV Signal Problems

You may experience problems with your TV Signal due to microwave interference during brief periods of the day, morning and night.   This is due to changes in the weather and extreme temperatures changes, as well as a phenomenon know as multi-path.  The District engineers also suspect that unlicensed broadcast signals outside the area play a role in the interference also.   Those outside sources have not been identified yet. The Elko Television District is currently working on a solution to these problems and hope to have them resolved within the next 60 days.



January 18, 2019

Repairs have been made on the Peavey site outside of Wells.   This has restored the SLC channels and they are broadcasting throughout the District.  In Addition, the PBS outage has been fixed and PBS is broadcasting throughout the District.  If you have problems receiving the channels after an outage, please re-scan.

January 16, 2019

Due to the sale of TV channels 38-50 by the FCC to T-Mobile, the TV District had to shut down the following stations on Lamoille and Grindstone due to interference with T-Mobile equipment.   (KAME- 21.1,21.2,21.3 NSN-Reno and companion channels) (KTVX- 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 4.4 ABC-SLC and companion channels:Grindstone only).  The District is awaiting equipment that had the delivery delayed and hopes to have these channels broadcasting again within 30-60 days.   Please check the website for updates.