Exciting New Era for Over the Air TV

The Elko Television District is entering an exciting new era for over the air TV delivery.    The TV District has converted it’s signal delivery from microwave to fiber-fed.  This means the TV signals we receive from Reno and Salt lake City should be delivered with little or no interference and degradation in the future.

We still have a lot of work to upgrade the translator sites that transmit the signal, but this is a huge step in the process.   By the Summer of 2020, we hope to have all the equipment upgraded on Lamoille Summit and Grindstone.  The goal is have the upgrades on Peavey Hill and at Ryndon completed by the Summer of 2021.  There will be some issues as we convert or replace equipment, but we will do our best keep you informed and keep down-time to a minimum.

We look forward to your input, so please call or email us with your questions, comments or concerns.  Together we can move in to the future with quality TV entertainment and news.

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